Subfossil Oak

Be inspired by this exceptional material

For thousands of years, a subfossil oak tree has been waiting to be discovered. Despite his age, he retained the properties of wood and, in addition, acquired a characteristic, unique color and drawing. Each piece is an original combination of dark brown, gray-silver and blue-black zones, thanks to which its color is inimitable and fascinating…

Products made from this exceptional material give the word “exclusive” a whole new dimension.

Subfossil oak trunk cut

What is it
“subfossil oak”?

Subfossil oak is non-petrified wood which has been hidden for hundreds to thousands of years in the glacial sediments. Subfossil oak is also known as a black oak due to the change of color. This is due long-term storage in various sediments and reactions of sediment´s iron components with tannins in the oak. The color intensity is determined primarily by the time spent burried and nature of deposits. In this state wood was well protected against decomposition due to microorganisms, especially against fungi and bacteria. Earth coverage and the effects of water causes excretion of substances and sedimentation of calcite on the surface of the wood.

Subfossil oak wood properties do not depend on its age.

Age and value

So old is the material that has been hidden for thousands of years and waited to be found, and still remains the wood. We offer a real opportunity for unique creations. This might be the only chance for you to have, for example, an absolutely exclusive piece of furniture, a staircase, a floor, a musical instrument, a statue or a veneer from material which is six thousand years old. Take advantage of a completely priceless color of wood which can‘t be imitated.

Due to its age and minerals in particular, this wood does not decay and has exceptional durability. It can be used up to 100% including chips and shavings, ie. with zero waste.

Subfossil Oak timeline

We supply the subfossil oak wood we offer together with a certificate confirming its age and all other necessary documents. Our wood has expert opinions, on the basis of which it can be insured for all risks (theft, vandalism or fire), as well as any other valuables.

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