Subfossil Museum

Subfossil oak in world museums

One of the company’s goals is to find ways to present this exclusive material to the general public, which can be introduced not only to the historical period in which these oaks grew, but also to evoke an experience and create space for reflection.

That’s why Subfossil Oak supplies wood samples and cross-sections of the subfossil oak trunk to the world’s most prestigious museums and universities for scientific purposes, as well as larger solitaires for their exhibits to the general public.

Our wood is located in the Natural History Museum in London, where we are building a permanent exhibition focused on the beginning of the end of the Ice Age, the Royal Botanic Gardens in London (Kew Gardens), Manchester Museum in Manchester, Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Natural History Museum in Vienna , The National Museum in Prague or in the pavilion of geology prof. Pošepného (Vysoká škola Báňská) in Ostrava.

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4th – 7th July 2024 at the Domaine Grand Malagny,
Geneva, Switzerland