Subfossil Furniture

Subfossil oak furniture

We are able to satisfy even the bold ideas and wishes of our clients or their architects. You can order material for a valuable solitary piece of furniture that will complement your interior, as well as joinery material for an exceptionally large installation…

Moonlight Table

Unique design tables

We were able to connect history with the present through subfossil oak.

How exciting is the idea of having a discussion with your friends while sitting at a table from the beginning of the end of the ice age.

Being at such a table is like looking through the past into the future, just as our ancestors looked at the night sky and thought about what the next day, the next year would bring …

Acting and making decisions at a subfossil oak table in companies is a demonstration of the prestige, abilities and skills of unique people. This mystical table can calm and inspire people in meeting rooms at important meetings.

We chose cross-sections of the subfossil oak trunk as the basic material, due to the flexibility and complexity of production. We produce tables from precisely machined cross-sections, fitted together (according to the design plan) to the required final shape according to the overall solution and the size of the table.

Thanks to our technological background, we push the boundaries of custom production possibilities even for the most demanding clients.

We are able to design and manufacture any shape or size of table.

We have prepared a unique technological procedure for the most exclusive projects, where we can highlight annual rings in the cross-sections of the trunk and supplement them with precious metals, such as gold, silver, titanium, etc.

Each Moonlight Table table is unique, there are no two of the same. We supply tables including assembly, marked with a gold coin with a certificate.

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