Research and Development

Possibilities of use and application of subfossil oak

One of our goals is to participate in scientific projects and collaborate with museums and universities around the world.


We supply wood samples from subfossil oak to universities, museums and research institutes around the world, especially for:

  • dendrochronological purposes
  • examining climate change over the last 3000-6500 years
  • research into human influence on global warming
  • investigation of subfossil oak mineralization in sediments

We then try to acquaint both the professional and lay public with the results.


We carry out our own research in the field of use and application of subfossil oak in the commercial and non-commercial sphere:

  • art
  • design
  • architecture

We perform our own experiments in the field of studying the influence and reaction of subfossil oak with air after extraction:


We develop our own technologies and technological procedures in the areas of:

  • stabilization chambers
  • stabilizing chemistry
  • equipment for processing whole logs

We are part of the:


4th – 7th July 2024 at the Domaine Grand Malagny,
Geneva, Switzerland