Mare Santo – Treasure Of The Sea

Get to know something special like subfossil oak is – first sparkling wine aged in the sea

Tradition & Heritage

Born in the green hills of Collio

Why is our wine special? Our grapes ripen on high quality soil on the green hills of Goriška Brda in a small private winery with heritage and tradition where warm Mediterranean air and cold Alpine wind mix. They both caress and lash the grapes alongside an authentic techniques and recipe which is how it acquires its distinctive flavour. 

Small private winery

Hand picked & selected grapes

In our family, we don’t believe in mass production. We do our work with love and passion which reflects on the quality of our wines. The grapes are harvested by hand, and only the best are selected for wine, which is submerged in the clean, blue Adriatic Sea. A year later, the Luxury sparkling wine Mare Santo® is born. We believe people should respect nature and nature will pay us back with its best.

Adriatic treasure

Why 30 meters under sea?

As commonly known, the sea, with its salt water, is extremely healthy and beneficial. And what is good for a man will without a doubt be also good for wine. The first bottles were submerged almost a quarter of a century ago, and since then, we have been continuously working on improvements, flavour, and bottles. Motion of the sea current at 30 meters of depth is keeping the sparkling wine vital and alive. The sea also gives many minerals to the sparkling wine through the cork, which give the wine a unique flavour. The efforts has most certainly paid off because our wine is exceptionally outstanding. 

Mare Santo


Elegant aperitif. The liveliness of bubbles is downright refreshing.

APPEARANCE: light yellow with green reflections, continuous perlage.

AROMA: wide and inviting. From cedar to green apple.

FLAVOUR: matches the aroma – elegant and fresh.

Mare Santo


The charm of full structure and the enchanting elegance only rosé wines have.

APPEARANCE: gently pink with violet reflections.

AROMA: wild berries, cherries and raspberries.

FLAVOUR: develops with a pleasant feeling of freshness and ends with a flavour of sweet almonds and currant.

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4th – 7th July 2024 at the Domaine Grand Malagny,
Geneva, Switzerland