6000 years

So old is the material that has been hidden for thousands of years and waited to be found, and still remains the wood. 

Subfossil Art Artifact

For thousands of years, a subfossil oak tree has been waiting to be discovered, to tell us about history and give us the opportunity to shape the past. The only limit is your imagination.

Subfossil Design

By using this exclusive material, you will rise the value of any object, whether utility or artistic.

Subfossil Furniture

We are able to satisfy even the bold ideas and wishes of our clients or their architects. You can order material for a valuable solitary piece of furniture that will complement your interior, as well as joinery material for an exceptionally large installation…

Subfossil Forest

The starry sky that we all share indiscriminately inspires each of us and leads to pauses and contemplation. As it was in the past, so it is in the present, so it will be forever…

Subfossil Museum

Our wood is located, among others, in the Royal Botanic Gardens in London (Kew Gardens), the Manchester Museum in Manchester, the Natural History Museum Vienna, the National Museum in Prague or in the Geology Pavilion of prof. Pošepný (Vysoká škola Báňská) in Ostrava, Czech Republic.